December 2012

How to Turn the Living Room Into a Tropical Paradise

How to Turn the Living Room Into a Tropical Paradise

Have you ever arrived from work so tired that all you needed to do was to lay on a rocking chair, close the eyes and miraculously teleport to an exotic garden that would make you forget all your problems? Well, teleportation is not available yet, but living decoration might offer the break everybody has dreamt!

Pay attention! When one starts decorating, she should not take the “tropical” theme too literally. She wants to feel the warmth of the fine beaches of Jamaica, not the fuzzy atmosphere of a jammed highway.

To give that tropical flavor, one would need furniture in a mixture of earth tones and brightly colored accents.

One should try an arrangement of wood or rattan furniture. The decor must have tropical themes or images such as bright waterfalls, lush plants or exotic animals.

At first, one must consider the paint for the walls. The best nuances for walls are the neutral colors, because; they highlight the rest of the furniture without detracting the visitor’s eye from it. A subtle decorative element is a ceiling fan with a beach touch, such as those made of light rattan wood. They look fabulous in a room and, additionally they pull the atmosphere when necessary.

The next element, one must consider, when thinking about turning the living room into a tropical paradise, is the furniture. Full and by, oversized and comfortable furniture, in which one could dive easily in after a long day at the office, is the best choice. One should consider buying a cozy rattan seating set.

The table (preferably a high boy) should be having plenty of surface space for as many cold drinks as one might need in a hot, devilish summer day. A potted bamboo, a leopard print soft blanket and milky white pillows should create that distinctive tropical plantation atmosphere. As for chairs, there are unlimited supplies of tropical seats manufacturers. They can deliver any exotic material: banana leaf chairs and sofas, loom chairs and sofas, nature or synthetic rattan sets, sea grass chairs and sofas or water hyacinth sets. If one wants a bit of colonial smell in the middle of the room, she should consider purchasing a peacock rattan chair. These seats are quite cheap (approximately $200) and would look good in front of the exotic plants.

If the living room has wide windows, one should bring in some exotic plants for bright and sunny rooms. If one wants to leave an impact on visitors, with among the most stunning houseplants in the world, one should purchase unusually tall plants, which can reach over a foot in length.

There, now one’s living resembles with a secret hiding spot in the middle of the jungle. If one lives in a small apartment, she should not crowd it with a forest of giant palm trees. Indeed, she should search for some exotic plants that suit her living measurements.

One should not forget to have her resources in mind when decorating the room!

Kitchen Remodeling Increases Property Value

Kitchen Remodeling Increases Property Value

Kitchen remodeling is one of the ways homeowners can increase their property values. In the current housing market, anything that makes a home stand out means more money in a homeowner’s pocket when the property is sold. Whether individuals are planning to move or stay and enjoy the remodel themselves, this project is a fruit bearing home improvement. There are ways to enhance the space on a budget or more extravagantly.

The heart of the home is most often the kitchen. Remodeling projects that make the space more inviting and functional can pay off financially in terms of equity. They can also pay off emotionally for those who live there. Cooks are able to create nutritious and delicious meals when they have ample storage space, the right layout, and functional appliances. When individuals, couples, and families are looking for new homes to purchase, the food preparation area in a potential house can be a deal maker or deal breaker.

If homeowners are on a budget, they can still take some kitchen remodeling steps that can make a substantial difference. They don’t have to tear out walls or replace the cabinets. Instead, they can rearrange the space and reface the cabinetry. Replacing the hardware on cabinets will also upgrade the look. There are multiple companies who make knobs and pulls in unique materials and shapes that can add a nice touch. Painting the walls in the room will also enhance the room’s appearance.

On more extravagant budgets, kitchen remodeling can transform a dark, cramped space into one that is light and airy. Walls can be relocated to open up the area to add square footage. If the existing cabinets are made from inferior materials, they can be replaced with those constructed to fit the new layout using oak, cherry, stainless steel, or laminate. In today’s cabinetry, there are inventive ways to use space within the cupboards to get the most use out of them. For example, corner cabinets can utilize every inch of a room. Sliding shelves allow easier access to the back of the cupboards to allow more storage. Worn out laminate countertops can be replaced with granite, butcher block, or stainless steel.

Kitchen remodeling projects, on modest or grand scales, can enhance the livability for the inhabitants and allow for a higher resale price down the road. When the heart of the home is functional and beautiful, it draws cooks into the space and brings the family together for meals. When these homes are listed for sale, they draw buyers who pay top dollar.