September 2013

A Checklist For Buying a New Home

A Checklist For Buying a New HomeKeeping that in mind, there is a checklist individuals should keep in mind before buying a new home. The following are some important aspects that every potential home buyer should keep in mind.

The first item on the checklist has to do with money. You want to not only keep in mind the asking price, but also consider what sort of real estate taxes will also be involved. This is something that a lot of people overlook. They focus so much on the asking price, and forget there are other components such as real estate taxes and closing costs.

The second item on the checklist has to do with the neighborhood where the home is located. You want to live in a good location. Keep in mind the home’s proximity to places such as your work, schools, shopping, expressways, public transportation, doctors/dentists and churches. Also pay attention to what the neighborhood is like in regard to sidewalks, streets and street lights. These are little details people often overlook. If living on a well-lit street is important to you because you always get home late at night, then make sure there are plenty of street lamps.

Also consider the traffic volume the neighborhood receives and if there are any parks if that is something that is important to you. We all know that the neighboring properties affect our own property value so notice if those around you seem to upkeep their yards and property. Although this might seem small, this could make a huge difference. Plus I am sure that you want to look at neighbors that have aesthetically pleasing features.

The third item on the checklist has to do with the actual house itself. You want to keep in mind the age of the home you are considering to buy. This will let you know what sort of potential work you will face and when. Notice what kind of framing the house has, whether it is wood or brick. Depending on where you live, different materials might make more sense in order to keep your home in good maintenance. Make sure and pay attention to the condition of the roof and foundation as these are big ticket items when it comes to functionality of the home and are typically very costly repairs. Clark’s Quality Roofing is someone you can call if needed.

You also want to check up on the plumbing and make sure all is working well there and things are up to code. Another aspect to keep in mind is the square footage and type of systems that are set up. This will affect your utility usage and eventual charges. We all love to save money where we can! So keep in mind this checklist when looking at buying a new home. Never ever buy a home that hasn’t had an inspection done on it. Everything could seem great from the outside, but until you get in there and look deep you’ll never know what sort of problems you could really be facing.


Tips On Shaving

It is almost common knowledge that every man in the professional world is obligated to learn how to properly use a razor blade for shaving purposes. Firstly, the shaving individual must invest in good quality razor blades and shaving cream. A well reputable brand of razor blade is one of the most essential necessities in achieving the perfect shave on a consistent basis.

Tips On ShavingBefore beginning the shaving process, it is important to wet the beard. Dry shaving causes cutting and pulling of hair, of which each causes discomfort, cuts, and pains. By wetting the beard, the blade is able to complete a close shave which is important in attaining smooth and healthy skin. With the amount of shaving that is necessary, which for a majority of men is everyday, it is extremely important to maintain smooth and healthy skin. Without practising the proper shaving methods, one can develop permanent scars that they will most likely regret. Also, by wetting the hair, moisture is absorbed by up to 30 % of its volume. Moisture makes the hair weak, making it easier to cut.

Shaving creams with higher concentrations of lubricants and moisturizers are the most beneficial for the closest shaves. The high concentration of lubricants will work to create rich and creamy lathers without the messy foaming affect. The problem with many lower quality shaving creams are that they provide a great amount of foam instead of lather. Therefore, there is a giant amount of fluffy foam that the razor must go through to shave. However, since it is only foam with no lather within the hairs, the hairs of the beard will just pull and pluck off. It aches to even just think about it. A good shaving cream will create less resistance between the razor and beard, which will result in the blade lasting longer than it would if there was a lower quality cream being used.

The man should be shaving in a particular order. First, they should wet the beard and the leave the shaving cream on their beard for about a minute. By allowing the shaving cream to sit on the beard for a minute, the beard is becoming softer and easier to cut. They should begin shaving the sides first, then the moustache, and lastly the chin. The chin should be saved for the end because it is the most difficult area to shave, and by allowing the shaving cream to sit on the area for the longest period of time, it will certainly make shaving it an easy task. Boston barber can make your difficulties solved in shaving.

how to Keep your Legs Smooth

how to Keep your Legs Smooth

If you are a woman, I’m sure you can sympathize with me when I say trying to keep your legs smooth can be a real pain! You have tried shaving and waxing and those options just aren’t cutting it for you. I know personally shaving all the time can be really annoying and take up valuable time when getting ready in the morning. Not to mention the ever looming threat of cutting yourself with your razor. I know I have yet to perfect the art without at least one small cut. Waxing works, but some people find it a bit painful. I liked that because you go once a month so it isn’t as inconvenient as shaving. Perhaps laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you. This new technology become commercial in the mid 1990s. Since the mid 1990s it has been gaining popular over time. This popularity is due in part to the speed in which the laser can work and the effectiveness at removing the hair. The laser can work on the area in a matter of seconds. That’s pretty incredible if you ask me! Fear not, it has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

You can either go to a salon and have it professional done or you can buy any one of a lot of self products. If you are wanting to have it professionally done, laser hair removal Portland Oregon is a great option. I know I personally have considered getting this done myself in order to save myself the time in the long run. The technology uses wavelength of light and pulse to attack the root of the hair and stop it from further growth. The right amount of energy is absorbed by the melanin in the specific hair follicle of the area you are treating. Typically 3-8 sessions are needed to fully remove the hair. The variation in sessions depends on the coarseness of your hair, skin color and the part of the body it is on. You may find that you will need touch up sessions after a while, but overall your hair will be primarily gone. The pricing for this service varies depending on the area that is being treated. You should be able to find places that will create some sort of a payment plan so you can make reasonable monthly payments. Some people say that they experience mild discomfort during the process, but it all just depends on your pain tolerance. Overall, it is not a painful process to go through. This is a great alternative to shaving and waxing. Some benefits of laser hair removal include smooth skin, permanent hair loss, no ingrown hairs, and it saves time.  Doesn’t every woman want sexy, smooth legs all the time? This is a great alternative to the typical shaving and waxing in order to remove hair from your body. Consider looking into different options and see if you can find a laser hair plan that works for you. This is a great option!

Family Emergency Preparedness

As the world becomes a more and more unsettled place with employment, economic conditions, and worldwide military affairs; the ideas of family emergency preparedness becomes more and more vital. Preparedness can mean everything from preparing for a worldwide disaster to preparing for a bump in your own family situation. Family disasters can include everything from a missed paycheck or a layoff to the loss of a family home after a natural disaster. When focusing on preparedness here are the important things you need to consider:Family Emergency Preparedness

  • Create a plan as it relates to your home and family for every natural disaster. Just as schools and businesses have preparedness and evacuation plans, you should have one for your home and family as well. Make sure that every family member is aware of the plan, how to evacuate, and where to meet. You should also have plans for meeting places away from home if disasters strike when you are away.
  • Make sure you have the needed tools to stay in your home if possible following a disaster. Where are your utility shut-offs? Do you need specific tools to shut them off? Hand well pumps that allow you still get water, shut off tools to ensure gas lines are turned off, and knowing where your electrical box is are all a must.
  • The most essential items you can have for preparedness include food and water. When creating an emergency plan you need to calculate just how much food and water you need to have stored to care for your family for 72 hours, 2 weeks, months, and even a year. The more you can have stored the longer you can survive when emergency conditions are present. When determining which foods to store and in what quantities you need to look at your individual family preferences (what they already eat) as well as how often you eat specific meals. One essential component to good food storage planning is learning to rotate and use what you store.
  • Consider other household and emergency supplies when you are buying supplies. These supplies include things such as paper products like paper towels and toilet paper, cleaning products, items to provide heat and shelter when necessary. You should also consider a change of clothing as well as entertainment items for each member of your family.

When beginning your preparedness preparations, it is important to have realistic expectations and plans for work on a preparedness budget. For most families it is not feasible to purchase everything you need at once. You need to create a budget amount that you can apply toward gathering supplies and increasing your food storage. As you begin to acquire supplies you will begin to feel more confident in what you need, the choices you are making, and in your overall preparedness level. Emergency preparedness is about instilling piece of mind in the face of uncertainty in the world and at home.

Protecting Yourself

Switchblades as Defensive Weapons
Special Note: Certain details and the Officer’s name have been changed to protect his identity.

It was raining that night. Officer William Hill stepped out of his patrol car and began walking the alley. He was looking for a burglary suspect who has last been seen running in the area.

When he got about halfway down the alley, he was attacked from behind. Joe Mathis had used a wooden beam he found in the dumpster to strike Hill across the back, breaking the beam. Officer Hill fell and his head hit the ground at an awkward angle, causing a slight concussion. He would later tell investigators he did not know if he lost consciousness, or for how long, but the next thing he remembered he was fighting to keep his gun from Mathis. Protecting yourself

Mathis had reached down and attempted to remove Hill’s handgun from its holster. Officer Hill used his right hand to cover Mathis’s hand and the gun, keeping it in the holster. Hill’s vision narrowed and knew he was about to pass out. If he did, he had no doubt Mathis would get the gun out and kill him with it.

Hill used his left hand to remove a Benchmade knife from his left pocket. He opened the switchblade and was able to stab Mathis. Officer Hill’s action were ruled as justified by both his department and the prosecuting attorney’s office. He was given a medal and later asked to talk about why he used a knife.

Officer Hill never carried a back-up gun. He believed that in a fight, it would mean he would have to defend two guns. This could be especially dangerous if he was attacked by a group of suspects. He ended up choosing a switchblade style knife with a rubber grip. He choose it out of hundreds of knives because it was the best fit for him.

He wanted a rubber grip in case his hands were wet from water or blood. The non-slip rubber would ensure the weapon would stay in his hand. He selected a switchblade style knife because he knew there was a good chance that if he was reaching for it, it would be with his non-dominant hand, and he wanted it to be easy to open.

Officer Hill’s story is a perfect example of why switchblade knives are perfect as self-defense tools. He was authorized to carry a second gun, but chose a switchblade knife from because he knew it was the perfect self-defense weapon. Even today in an age when many people carry guns for protection, there is no substitute for a good knife.