There are a lot of situations in which a DIY instruction manual or online website is all you need in order to remedy a situation. A lot of people regularly follow DIY guides in order to save some money on repairs that are needed around the home. However, there are some situations when you should skip the guide because the potential damage you could do is much worse than the small price you might have to pay now. After all, if you end up paying five times as much later because the problem got out of hand then you did not really come out ahead at all. The following are three situations you should always call a plumber in for instead of attempting to tackle the problem yourself.

Bathroom Plumbing Installation

If you are installing a new sink, shower, or similar item in the bathroom it is always a great idea to call a plumber or check out Due to the fact that a lot can go wrong when installing bathroom plumbing it is not worth taking the risk and ending up paying much more for eventual repairs. Smaller bathrooms in particular often share pipes, so if you mess up the sink you may end up causing pressure problems for your shower or toilet as well resulting in some real problems.

Unknown Leaky Pipes

Sometimes a leaky pipe is easy to fix, but if you have a leak in your home and you cannot figure out where or why it is there then it is best to call a plumber. If you do not fix a leak promptly it will eventually cause rust around surrounding pipes and even cause those pipes to need replaced. In addition, if you are not careful and the leak is not properly resolved it will cause water to leak through the flooring leading to dry rot and a much larger project.

Gas Smell

Most people do not realize that if you smell gas the best person to call is actually a plumber, but this is important ot know. You should never try to fix a gas leak on your own because it could turn into a potentially dangerous situation quickly. Instead, turn off the gas and promptly call a plumber for help.

Drain Cleaning

Finally, if you think that you have a backed up drain you should call a plumber immediately. If you allow the drain to continue to get clogged the project is going to get larger. In addition, you might end up with a sewer backup in your home and the damage and smell that this leaves behind is never worth trying to save a few dollars.