The dentist is the last place anyone wants to go, but teeth are meant to last a lifetime if simple maintenance is performed everyday. Everybody is different, which means that everyone’s teeth are different. Some individuals have whiter teeth, some more of a yellowish tone; some have soft enamel, some have hard and most are in between somewhere.

The type of teeth that people find themselves with are typically the kind of teeth your mother and/or father had; they are genetic, but the results of your teeth do not have to be identical with your relatives. The results are up to you and the way the dental health routine is maintained.

Children are the worst culprits for obsessing on sugar, candy and other goodies, and then avoiding brushing their teeth once at night. There are exceptions, but to make up for the bad dental behavior, God made the first set of teeth to fall out, and then replaces them with 12 more in the second set. There are 32 adult teeth that replace 20 “baby teeth

Common, but Effective Tips on Good Habits for Teeth

In order to reduce visits to the dental physician, there are steps to follow.

• Brush teeth and gums twice a day, for at least two minutes each time. Having a timer in the bathroom is a good idea.
• The type of tooth paste is not as important as brushing all the teeth, on the inside and the outer sides. Typically, the amount of toothpaste should only be the size of a pea.
• Floss once a day, preferably at night. Flossing not only gets that stubborn food, but flossing regularly keeps the gums healthy. No one can have healthy teeth without healthy gums.
• After both brushings, rinse your mouth with a solution made with half, your favorite mouthwash and half, Hydrogen Peroxide. This mixture kills bacteria as well as freshens your breath.
• Ask your dental physician how to floss correctly.
• Once a year schedule an appointment with your Dental Physician. After maintaining your teeth so diligently, it is always good to hear what a good job you are doing, and only the dentist can offer good information for individuals.

Good Dental Attitude

Occasionally there will be an unexpected problem, but if there is a good relationship established with a local dentist, they can be taken care. Accidents happen, teeth are broken, cavities spring up, but by keeping a consistent routine of daily care, they will be minimal. When a problem does occur, keep a positive attitude, and don’t let negative thoughts suggest that it would be easier to just pull the problem tooth. Keep the whole set, your whole life!