It is quite common to find personal medications and pills laying around the house or in a bathroom medicine cabinet. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this situation in particular, finding old and expired pills laying around the house or in a bathroom medicine cabinet is very wrong and quite dangerous.

Importance of Getting Rid of Old and Expired PillsWhen dealing with medications, there is nothing more dangerous than keeping expired pills around the house. There are a number of bad effects that one can experience when taking expired pills and most doctors and pharmacists highly discourage keeping them around the home at all. It is, however, quite easy to loose track of expiration dates and this is the main reason that this situation takes place to begin with.

The best way to keep a situation like this from occurring, when taking prescription medications, is to use up the prescription in the allotted amount of time. Prescription medications, in particular, can be very harmful when taken after their assigned expiration dates. However, prescription medications are typically prescribed to last for a specific number of days which automatically eliminates the possibility of one taking them after they have already expired.

When prescription medications are prescribed to be taken as needed, the expiration date must be watched carefully. A good way of avoiding taking old pills, in this situation, would be to create a visible labelling system of sorts. If the expiration date is easy to see, it is less likely that the pills will be taken after their expiration date.

Avoiding taking pills after they have expired is more important than most people realize. The damage that can be done to the body can be very extreme in many cases. The negative effects can range from a stomach ache to death. This is why the pharmacists at CNG Pharmacy Inc encourage careful tracking of prescription medication expiration dates. They also encourage careful tracking of over the counter medication expiration dates as these pills can have negative effects that are just as extreme as the prescription pills that have expired can have.

If the expiration date on a bottle of pills is unable to be read, the safest thing to do would be to get rid of the entire bottle and purchase a fresh bottle of pills. While this could mean spending a considerable amount of money, it would ultimately mean saving a life that might have otherwise been in danger. There is no reason for anyone to experience the effects of taking old pills when this situation can be avoided altogether.

Take the necessary precautions and get rid of those old and expired pills today. It could easily turn out to be a decision that saves a life in the end.