lv1Many dog owners have been giving their canine companions supplements for several years. Their intentions behind doing so are strictly to make their dogs healthier and to make sure that they are receiving the nutrients that they may not be getting from their dog food. There are three popular types of supplements that people have been giving to their dogs. These supplement types are multivitamins, fatty acids, and probiotics.

Multivitamins are one of the most common supplements that people give to their canines. This type of supplement helps to support your dog’s joints and to decrease their chances of developing arthritis. This is a very important supplement to give to your dog because of the fact they are always working their joints. Think about it. They are always running, playing, jumping, and anything else that requires them to use their legs. Why not protect their joints so that they can continue to do what makes them happy while also being pain free as they begin to age? A multivitamin that is highly popular on the market is LifeVantage.

Another supplement that is very good for dogs is fatty acids. Fatty acids are especially helpful for dogs who shed their hair very easily and also for aging dogs. Fatty acids are a very important factor in a dog’s diet because it keeps their fur coat shiny and in tact, meaning that it will not shed hair as much. In a recent survey that was conducted on what fatty acid supplements people give to their canine companions, many people said that they typically give them fatty acid pills with Omega 3 or 6.

One of the last, but certainly not the least, types of supplements that many people administer to their canines is probiotics. The job of probiotics is to help keep your dog’s digestive tract in check and completely regulated. This is a very important supplement to give your dog, especially as he/she gets much older. The reason for this is because as your dog ages, his/her digestive tract will begin to slow down tremendously. As a result, your dog will begin to have an upset stomach more often while also experiencing constipation. There are many popular brands of probiotics on the market to help to counteract a slowing digestive system. One of the more well known brands is NutriVet. There are also dog foods that have probiotics made into them. Purina Dog Food is one of the more common brands that has this specialty built into the formula.

Supplements such as probiotics are very important to your dog’s health. In addition to the probiotics, multivitamins and fatty acids are also significant supplements to add into your dog’s diet. Together, these three supplements can improve the health of your dog, which will also improve the quality of his/her life.