Shaving is not only a necessity for most men, but a requirement. Some individuals are required to stay clean shaving for their work and for other obligations. However, this doesn’t mean you have to simply rely on the old razor and shaving foam or gel. The entire procedure is going to take far too long and dirty up far too much. There was a time when shaving was more of an art form than anything else, and with the help of The Art of Shaving, it is possible to return to that way as well. The start of this entire process is through the help of a shaving brush.

Improve Your Shaving with a Shaving BrushShaving has moved to the process that requires you to spray foam or gel into your hands and lather it across your face. The first problem with this is you gunk up your hands, which in turn makes it harder to hold your razor. On top of this, chances are you have to apply more shaving cream to your face during the shave. When this takes place you will have to spray more shaving cream in your hands while you are in the middle of the shave, and this is just going to force the shaving cream all over the place. When preparing for the day of work or anything else in front of you, there really is no reason to do this. While the saving cream bottle is easy to carry around, it doesn’t provide as elegant of a look as the bar of shaving cream and the shaving brush.

The bar of shaving soap is placed into a mug, when when the brush is dipped into water and then mixed over the top of the bar of soap, it mixes into a thicker cream. The more water applied to the mixture the thinner it becomes. This gives you more control over how thick or thin the shaving cream is going to be. The brush is also going to prevent your hands from ever touching the foam or even getting wet at all. This way, if you are preparing yourself and don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. Additionally, if you need to apply more shaving creaming during the process, you just grab the brush again and dip it into the foam mixture.

If you are use to the old way of shaving, chances are you will find the brush offers up a far more civilized method to go about shaving your face. There is no reason why you should have to gunk up your hands, the razor and other areas of the bathroom, just because the shaving cream requires you to.