Cleaning your drains becomes much simpler when you have the right plumber supply. A clogged shower or toilet is no joke when it comes down to it. It can be downright embarrassing to have to turn guests away from using the bathroom and it can even lead to longer term issues like water damage. Did you know that your home could grow black mold under the bathroom tile after a toilet leakage? This is just one of many reasons to get the right tools for the job.

What are the tools you need to prepare for a plumbing storm? One of the most important things to keep in your bathroom is a plunger. You never know when you will quickly need to bring the water level down.

It can be especially gross if you don’t have the right plumber supply. You might ask what the best kind of plunger is. Forget those that are shaped like a bowl. They fail to provide much suction for your porcelain throne. This kind of plunger is really for your sink or shower. That is another good thing to have around. For your toilet, though, make sure that it has that bottom suction part. This will allow you to do the job more quickly and easily.

You also need a snake in case the plunger does not work. With tougher problems, the snake will usually conquer. Just make sure that you know how to use it to prevent scratching the porcelain bowl. First, stick the plastic L-shape at a 90-degree angle inside the bowl, facing the back of it. You should work the long metal part through the plastic and down into the tubes before turning the key. Take your time and just jostle it around to get it through there. Then turn the key or knob at the top swiftly, several times. Twist it the other direction, as well. And finally, work it back out, keeping the plastic L-shape inside of the bowl. Plumbing takes time and effort, so give it all you have for good results.

Another important plumber supply is diligence. You should check your drains if they do not seem to be working. This can prevent mass blockages that are hard to clean. It can prevent having to hire a real plumber. So pull that hair out of the sower drain from time to time. Though it might be disgusting, it is well worth the small sacrifice. There is nothing grosser than backed up used water. The same goes for your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If there seems to be a problem, fix them right away. Sometimes Drain-o or another chemical is appropriate. Just make sure to read directions carefully. These are all important items to have in your plumbing arsenal.