If you have a concrete walkway in your yard, the obvious reasons for wanting them to be maintained is for aesthetic reasons. We want our yard to look nice. A cracked and eroded walkway dampens the overall beauty of the landscape. A not so obvious reason for repairing your walkway is that if someone is injured on your property due to uneven walkways or any other damage to your sidewalk, you can be held liable for the injuries that may be sustained. No matter the reason for seeking sidewalk repair in Indianapolis, there are professionals who can be sure your walkways are up to par.

When water soaks into the top layer of your walkways, it can get trapped between that top smooth layer and the layer beneath. In cold months, this collection of water will freeze and cause the concrete on the upper layer to pop and crack. This causes a condition known as spalling. When spalling occurs, your sidewalk will appear rough as the smooth layers of concrete chip away each time the water freezes beneath the walkway. A common cause of spalling is concrete de-icers and rock salt. You may start out with beautiful walkways, and by the time the winter sludge has melted away you may begin to notice that your sidewalks are pitted and damaged. If you live in an area where the climate demands the use of rock salt or other chemical de-icers, it’s advised that you call upon a professional to apply a concrete sealer to your walkways which will protect the concrete from the damage that can be sustained due to de-icers.

Some walkways begin to sink or settle. This happens when the soil beneath the walkway erodes either because of weather or due to the soil’s inability to support the weight of the sidewalk. A professional in sidewalk repair in Indianapolis can rectify this situation by injecting a mixture of water, sand, cement, and soil beneath the sidewalk. This process is known as mud jacking. The mixture will build underneath the walkway and lift it to it’s original position.

There are gaps between each slab of a concrete walkway. When these gaps aren’t sufficient, they get clogged, or they do not exist at all; cracks in the walkway will begin to show. This is because the gaps allow the concrete to swell and shrink according to temperature. When the gaps are insufficient, the concrete will crack when it swells due to a lack of space for the swelling.

If your sidewalks are in need of some tender care, call upon a professional in sidewalk repair in Indianapolis to assist you with the maintenance needed to keep your landscape looking beautiful and free from any danger of someone injuring themselves.