There are many things that one should know before they indulge in grooming their pets. While there are many different techniques one could use to groom their animals, but the widely accepted method used my groomers and veterinarians across the nation is as simple as ABC: Anal, Brush and Chop! If you are confused here is some information about each of these processes.


If your dog is constantly scooting its butt across your living room carpet, he may be telling you that he needs his anal glands squeezed. The process of squeezing a dogs anal glands can be tricky for those who do not know what they are doing, but with a little knowledge and know how it is a simple process. Commonly, it is best to squeeze the anal glands while the dog is in the bath tub because they will be more relaxed and the access to soap and water will make the clean up simple and smell free. Once the dog is in the tub, wet them down with warm water and begin to run in the shampoo to their coat. The best type of shampoo that should be used is any sort of shampoo formulated just for dogs. Human shampoo should not be used because the formula can harm the oils on the dogs skin. If you have a poodle or other white dog, a specially formulated whitening formula, typically called bluing because of the blue appearance it gives your dog while it is soaking. Once the dog is all soapy it is good to slowly and gently feel towards their anus. On each side of the dogs anus it will be clear that their are glands on either side and if they need expressed they will be enlarged. To express the anal glands gently push in while squeezing together and the liquid inside the glands will come out of the dogs anus. After a good rinse it is then time to clean out the dogs ears. It is good to use a vinegar and water solution on either cotton squares or swabs to grab all the wax.


Once the animal is out of the tub, towel them off and then dry them, this can be done with either a human hair dryer or a force dryer that is sold in grooming supply stores. It is best to start at the animals shoulders and work your way down their back and then finish with the legs and head. If a human hair dryer is being used be sure to have it set on the coolest setting so you do not burn the dogs skin. After the dog is completely dry it is then time to brush out the dogs coat. It is important to make sure that their are no knots or mattes in the coat or they can clog the trimmer or create an uneven cut. Trimming the animals nails is typically done in this stage a well. The person cutting the nails should be very careful not to cut or come close the the sensitive nerve endings or vein in the nail which will bleed and be very painful for the pet if cut.


Once the dog is all brushed out, they should be taken to the bathroom to avoid them going to the bathroom on themselves or the table while the groomer is trying to cut the coat. Depending on the type pf cut you want will depend on the tools that you use. If a shave down is desired, a electric trimmer is what would be used. If it is just a trim or cut scissors or an electric trimmer with a long attachment would be used. Once the cut to the desired length is finished, a spray with cologne and a bandanna or bow is typically desired.

Once a person arms themselves with the knowledge and know how and all the right equipment, the grooming process is typically very simple to achieve. If you are not feeling quite up to the challenge, a quick trip to the Houston Animal Groomer is just around the corner for your comfort and convenience.