Finding affordable home health care is usually a task that falls on the family members of the patient in need of special care. There are many concerns in finding the right place for the particular needs of the individuals’ chronic illnesses or impairments. Numerous facilities exist, such as richmond home health care, that provide special services such as light housekeeping, transportation, meal preps and assistance with daily living. The best thing to do when it becomes evident that home health care will be needed, is to plan early and consider what the costs will be and how to pay for the services. Many of the good facilities usually operate at full capacity and may not be open to new patients on a short notice. Making use of available resources for searching out local facilities in your community will help alleviate the stress associated with finding good facilities like richmond home heath care. Hospitals discharge planners can give great advice in helping you begin your search, and contacting government agencies can assist in pointing to referrals from the Federal Area Agencies on Aging. At any rate, don’t treat the search as a hurried emergency room procedure, and take time to know the kinds and types of residential facilities in your area.
The type of facility sought after is dependent upon the needs of the patient and the level of care. There are a number of facilities to consider for patients needing short term care versus long term care for their particular illness or impairments. Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) provides high level nursing and other medical care for patients requiring close monitoring for illnesses or impairments. Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) provides less nursing and other medical care than a SNF. The ICFs are usually intended for long term residents who have chronic illnesses or impairments. Custodial care facilities, also known as rest homes; provide personal assistance and low-level nursing care, but not intensive medical care. Costs for the different facilities vary in amounts as opposed to what is offered and provided. Hospital based facilities average about $500.00 per day that is usually covered by Medicare or private insurance in the event the patient is deemed a short stay. ICFs costs range from $250 – $500 per day, but the services are not covered by Medicare and private insurance coverage is rare and needs prior approval. Custodial care facilities are the least expensive in costs as they charge $100 – $250 per day for services rendered. To top the list of care expenses is the long term custodial care lasting for several years comes at a price tag of $4000 – $12,000 month, which is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Keep in mind, while performing your search, that if a facility is certified by the Federal Government, it may be more affordable.