Everyone wants to have a wedding that is memorable. It is one of the biggest days of your life. Chances are you will want to remember the day with fondness for years and years to come. So why not have a wedding that is fun and out of the ordinary? The following are some ideas of fun things you can do for your wedding. First, everyone knows you must have a first dance with your new spouse, so why not make it unique? Start out by doing the typical lovey-dovey slow song and halfway through have the music switch to a fun swing dance. Or choreograph your first dance so you and your spouse perform in front of all your guests. This is something that is really fun and out of the ordinary, because nobody will be expecting it. Second, consider making a kids only area if you are expecting a lot of little ones. Have an area where they can play with some toys, or simply color so that the adults can have an enjoyable evening celebrating. A lot of people don’t go to receptions with their little ones because it is a hassle, if you make a designated spot for them your guests will be very appreciative. Third, be creative in what guests can do at your reception. Consider a photo booth, tarot card readers, or magicians. Sometimes these fun and random activities can be really fun and memorable. Everyone tends to like to let loose and do something out of the ordinary. If you choose to do a photo booth consider including props including mustaches, bow ties, giant sunglasses or sombreros to get people having fun and being wacky. Fourth, consider having a fun do-it-yourself dessert bar. Perhaps have cupcakes that the guests can decorate any way they want with an array of different flavored icings and toppings.

People like to get creative with their desserts. Fifth, if you happen to be in the Florida area consider checking out Ft. Walton Beach Weddings. It can be really fun and out of the ordinary church wedding to get married on the beach. Not only would it be fun, but let’s face it, you could get some awesome pictures! Sixth, create a unique guestbook. Instead of having your guests simply write their names in a pretty book, make it fun. Have questions for people to fill out such as “how do you know the couple?” and “what is your best memory of the bride or groom?”. Also another fun idea is to have people draw pictures of the wedding couple. These ideas are really fun and will spark imagination and creativity in your guests. Seventh, put disposable cameras on each table and let the guests take candid pictures of the night. These often turn out to be some of the funniest pictures from your wedding. Although this idea might not be unique, the pictures I’m sure you’ll get from it will sure be unique. So take some of these fun and out of the ordinary ideas and have a great wedding that will keep people talking!