homeforelderLiving with disabilities or aging issues can be a challenge, especially in homes that aren’t handicap equipped. Homes that aren’t properly modified for handicapped and home-bound individuals lead to many personal safety issues. This can include unnecessary falls, and injury, eventually restricting inability to live independently. One of the best solutions for handicapped or aging individuals is home modification. This allows individuals to remain at home, without families having to worry about falls, injuries or broken bones.

Some of the most hazardous areas of the home for the handicapped and elderly are front doors, kitchens, and bathrooms. More falls happen in these areas than anywhere else. Simply going in and out of doors can be a challenge without ramps to assist. Kitchens present their own unique challenges, as do bathrooms with standard showers, tubs, and toilets. For those who lack mobility, modifying these areas not only provides the convenience and safety individuals need, but also provides necessary tools for long term independent living.

Bathrooms can be particularly problematic, and are an area of the home that offers the most difficulty, if not properly modified. There are several modifications that can easily be installed in bathrooms to make life easier. Taking a shower, or bath is extremely difficult for the handicapped. Such tasks usually require standing and walking, or the ability to pull themselves up from wheel chair positions. The handicapped may lack the mobility to do so, falling or otherwise injuring themselves in an attempt to do so.

One of the best solutions for independent living is bathroom modifications that allow individuals to care for their basic needs, without fear of injury. Installing a walk in tub is one of the best solutions for those lacking mobility. This allows for minimal standing or walking, as bathing takes place in a seated position. It is even possible to scoot from the wheelchair into the tub. Individuals may then shower and bath themselves, and easily return to wheelchairs or walkers when finished. Several different models exist, and selections should be made based on level of mobility.

Simply installing a walk in tub will go a long way in providing the convenience and safety most handicapped and elderly need. Other modifications to bathrooms are also available, such as barrier free showers, toilet, and plumbing modifications. Other bathroom modifications include floor urinal and bidet adaptations, and water facet controls. Custom modifications are often required for the elderly and handicapped, dependent on individual needs. Many reputable repair and home renovation companies offer modification and installation services for the handicapped and elderly. Hiring a professional service to modify homes to the needs of the elderly and handicapped means individuals can remain independent, safe and happy for years to come.