The goal that you wish to accomplish should be the main driving force for creating an application. Objectives must be clearly defined and laid out. A clear vision of the outcome of the project should be established. This will give the creator an idea regarding the level of commitment and financial resources that are required to complete the project. The big picture will help the developer to decide on the application’s functionality, platform, design, programming language and monetization. It would be best to consult with a dot net development company to assist with some of the processes of creating an application.

The functionality of the application is the first thing that should be decided. What exactly does the application do? How does the application do it? The developer will have already decided that the application will be used to calculate how many calories are burnt by the user. This is the main function. However, the developer must decide how the data will be captured, calculated, stored and displayed.

After identifying the main functions, then there is the process of design. The design layout of the project will address how information is handled whenever the web application is offline for example. The design phase breaks down the project into smaller modules. Each module is then outsourced to individuals or a dot net development company. The design layout also identifies the platform and programming language to be used for the project.

Deciding on a platform to create an application is very important. The platform will dictate your future clientele and the programing language to be used amongst other things. The programing language to be used will mostly depend on the skills of the programmer. There are many non-native programming languages that can be used to develop an application. Native languages such as Objective C are recommended to be used with the IPhone. Using other languages on the iPhone may affect the scalability and robustness of the application. For simple applications, this should not be a concern.

After realizing the development phase of the application then monetization is the next big phase. This particular aspect would have been addressed in the design phase. The method chosen to monetize the app will dictate the functionality of the app. The main options for monetizing an app are advertisements, subscriptions and unlocking different features. The developer will decide whether to accept payments independently or outsource monetization to third party companies. After accomplishing the vision of the final product, there is the final developmental phase of testing. Beta Testing has to be done in order to iron out the bugs and ensure a complete finished product. It is very important to follow the basic processes of developing an app.