We all know the best way to keep a house warm is to bake cookies in the winter time, but what is the second best way?  The best way to keep your house warm is to heat it efficiently.  If you have seen your power bills go way up and if you still feel a chill even after turning up your currant heating source or if your old furnace simply does not work at all,  it’s time to buy a new heater. If you need heating installation in Bonaire, here are some tips to help.


Tip # 1 – Service Your HVAC

Always take the time to service your system. Do you change the filters each year? If you do not perform routine maintenance on your system, it can cause allergens to occur as it expels them into the air. It also causes other respiratory problems. Hire a professional HVAC expert to come and service your unit each year. They will test the carbon monoxide levels to make sure there are not concerns relating to your system. Many homeowners do not realize they are breathing in toxic levels of carbon monoxide. Minor exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and vomiting. Serious exposure can be life-threatening or even fatal.


Tip # 2 – Seal up Cracks

Your utility bills can drastically increase if you end up with cracks in the windows and doors. Air flow is vital to a HVAC unit. If you have poor air flow in your home, you can pay triple for your heating costs. Take the time to go around and test the windows and door jambs. Replace the window lining so the hot air will not escape. Test the exterior of the home and look for places where hot air can escape. Do this each fall before you must rely on the heater to be on consistently.


Tip # 3 – Insulation

A great way to keep your home warm is by testing your insulation level. A simple spot check can be done for free by an insulation company. Some homes even qualify for new insulation to be blown for free. Check with your local city offices to find out if you qualify for free insulation. The new recycled material is better for the environment and it will improve the efficiency of your home.


You can always choose to install a new furnace if your system is aging.  The heating unit will be selected with your specific needs in mind.  Your budget must be considered as well as your home or business heating needs.  Talk to the professional about the efficiency of the new unit and how much your heating costs will drop. This is a great way to see not only short-term savings, but long-term savings by investing in a new furnace system for your home.