An often neglected part of home maintenance is cleaning the carpet. More than any other part of the home, the carpet is subject to constant wear and tear. Even with frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning, any carpet can benefit from regular professional care. Depending on how much traffic the carpet is subject to, most recommend having a professional cleaning done at least once a year. Carpet Paradise in AZ offers professional, affordable carpet care with helpful, friendly service.

It is impossible to avoid dirtying a carpet as long as it is in use, but there are ways to keep a carpet looking clean. Proper care from the owner can also make the job much easier on your professional carpet cleaner as well. Carpet Paradise in AZ offers many tips and solutions to help keep carpets looking good between using their services.

To keep stains and dirt from setting into the carpet fibers, it is important to vacuum the carpet at least once a week. To avoid dirt and stains being transferred, linoleum and tile floors should be regularly swept and cleaned as well. Keeping walk-ways and doormats clean can prevent dirt from being tracked into the house as can being sure to wipe feet. Making sure shoes and feet are clean before walking on carpet can help to avoid stains and dirt from being pressed into the carpet’s fibers.

It is very important not to try and repair damage or severe stains without professional help. Carpet fresh powders and store bought carpet cleaners can often only make stains spread or set them deeper in the fibers. Many over-the-counter carpet care products can cause more harm than good to the carpet. Many stains are better removed by using one teaspoon mild detergent, one teaspoon white vinegar, and one quart of warm water. Mix the solution well and apply it to the stain, allowing it to dry. After the stain has dried, apply dry-cleaning fluid and vacuum the spot gently. This will help keep the carpet in good shape until professionally repairs can be done.

Carpet Paradise in AZ offers many services for affordable prices. They offer carpet cleaning and scotch guarding. They will also clean and seal grout and tile. They offer thorough and professional cleaning of both up- and downstairs, as well as carpeted staircases. Carpet Paradise also offers cleaning and protection for furniture, as well as area rugs. They will also deodorize, purify the air, and do pet treatments to help preserve and protect the carpet, upholstery, and the rest of the home.