You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a list of “must have phone numbers”. The world we live in today is such a whirl wind that being able to contact someone when we need to is like a second skin. Think about the last time you needed to contact someone and did not have a phone number for them. And what about the time when your contact list of phone numbers died when your cell phone died? Having a list of written phone numbers will not help you read more, but it will certainly help you to be organized.

If you are an adult, there are certain phone numbers that you must absolutely have at your fingertips. You should first compile your list of “emergency” phone numbers. This would be you local police department for calls that are not considered a 911 emergency. While it may not be a 911 emergency, it is still very important to you and you need information. That brings us to your security system. If you have a security system, you need to have the phone number of your alarm company. The police cannot turn off your alarm system if your buttons get stuck.

Some other emergency numbers are the phone numbers for your doctor and dentist. Sickness can come on suddenly to anyone. You certainly want to be able to call your doctor for a medical opinion, or be able to make an appointment to see him. The same goes for your dentist. What if your tooth filling catches a ride with the apple you just ate? If it causes you pain, you need to reach the dentist to get an immediate appointment.

It is important to be able to reach your family members at all times. You must have available with you the phone numbers for your spouse, significant other, and children. Other members of your immediate family extend to your parents and grandparents. If you work, you simply must have the phone number for your job, your supervisor, and perhaps a co-worker or two. Think about the time that you were running late, and when you called your supervisor you didn’t get an answer. The first thing that cam to your mind was to call a co-worker and have them give your supervisor the message for you.

You probably didn’t know that you are just as important as any celebrity when it comes to phone numbers. However, since you are not a celebrity yet, you will have to make your own phone calls. Having a list of must have numbers will keep you calm, organized, and focused. Write your list of numbers and keep the list in your purse or wallet. Also keep one at home, and keep one in your desk drawer at work. Stop depending totally on the contact list on your phone. You never know when your smartphone will get a sudden attack of amnesia.