Being caught in a fire is one of the most frightening experiences people can find themselves in. While we can’t protect ourselves from every situation, a little preparation and education will go a long way in preventing serious harm from fires. The following provides tips and information to help people protect themselves from fires that may occur in a variety of situations.

At Home
Every family should have an escape plan in case of fire. A family should actually rehearse what each person should do in the event of a fire. Children should always wear fire retardant clothing to bed each night. There is a large selection of sleepwear available that is flame retardant. It is especially important for people who live in high-rise apartments to have a plan of escape if the building should ever be on fire. Having a working smoke detector and a fire extinguisher is always important whether someone lives in a house or a small apartment.

At Work
Most places of employment have plans employees are to follow in case of a fire emergency. Smaller companies and businesses, however, may not have a plan in place. An employee who works for a small business should take the time to find out the quickest ways to exit the building in case of a fire. Overloaded electrical circuits and damaged cords are sometimes fire hazards at work places. Keep offices clean and free of excessive debris. This will limit how quickly a fire spreads and will help prevent them from starting.

In the Car
Car fires don’t just happen in the movies. Statistically it happens more often than people think. Families should have a plan prepared in case their car would ever catch on fire. If an excessive gas smell is noticed the vehicle should be shut off immediately. The hood of the car shouldn’t be opened all the way. This will bring more oxygen into the engine and could ignite a fire. If at all possible pull the vehicle to the side of the road. Get every passenger at least fifty feet from the car and then call 911.

While Traveling
It is still important to be vigilant regarding fires even when traveling. When staying at a hotel it’s important to know the quickest route to the stairs. It’s even a good idea to count the number of doors between the room and the nearest stairwell. In case of an actual fire there may be lots of smoke, making it difficult to see how far it is to the closest stairs. The elevator should never be used during a fire in a hotel.