Spring is good time to clean up your yard. At least winter is gone. You now have time to reinvigorate the landscape around your home. If you still don’t have sufficient time for this, you can call in professionals. They are always a phone call away. But if you are one of those landscaping enthusiasts, you could do well with the checklist below:

1. Dead leaves and other forms of trash

During winter, there are some leaves that pile up on your frozen yard. As the snow thaws, it is time to collect all these leaves. Remove other forms of litter. If left idle, this provides a safe haven for microorganisms that will later attack your garden plants. Take the leaves together with any organic litter and use them to make compost manure.

2. Pruning

Now is the time to prune overgrown shrubs and trees whose branches are rotting away. You can also decide to cut down a tree especially one that you feel is posing danger or is past its useful life. In case you did a similar thing in the previous year and would like to get rid of those stubborn stumps, rent stump grinders. Alternatively you could hire lawn care management crews to remove it for you.

3. Watering systems

If there is one in place, check it up thoroughly. Inspect whether there are any clogs or broken pipes. Repair anything that is broken or ageing. You could also buy an additional sprinkler to ensure total coverage of the entire lawn when you are watering. It will help you avoid moving the sprinklers from one point to the other. In case you managed to scrape through the past year without a watering system, install one this time round.

4. Give your lawn a treat

As winter drifts away, pay attention to your lawn. Mow down the tall grass. Aerate the soil to increase movement of water, nutrients and oxygen. Test the soil and add fertilizer if need be. Walk up and about the yard looking for spots that have been rendered bare. Look for time and reseed such patches. You want a lawn that looks uniform throughout.

5. Plan your summer landscaping activities

After you have taken stock of how your front and back yard looks like, note down the areas where you need to put more attention. Then look for an expert gardener or landscaper. Invite him or her to your place. During the visit, get an overview of what needs to be done. The landscaper will give you a course of action and you can agree on what he/she should do. The sooner garden rehabilitation work commences the better. By the time summer comes knocking, you will have done most of the cleanup.