Keeping your guns safe and protected against the people you care about is important. Far too many gun related incidents are in the news due to negligence on gun owners behalves. Don’t be one of the people that makes the mistake of not securing your guns, or practicing proper gun safety habits. Here are 5 important gun safety tips everyone needs to follow.


Whenever you are out hunting, or shooting for fun, you always need to make sure you are wearing the right protection. It is important to wear eye protection as it helps to prevent problems with shell casings and other debris accidentally hitting you in the eye. You need to find the right size and style of glasses that work for your body. Consider purchasing shooting glasses for women if you are planning to head out for target practice. Don’t forget to bring along safety gear like earphones to prevent the noise from causing a painful ringing in your ear for days.


If you have kids, you need to talk to them about guns and proper gun handling. Keep your guns locked in a secure location so they cannot get to them, and do not have the temptation to play with them. It is essential that you talk to your kids about gun safety, and that they know how to handle a gun. Children often have accidents playing “toy guns” with real guns. Do not keep your guns loaded in the home, and make sure you are keeping the bullets locked away in a different place from the guns.

5 Gun Safety TipsProper Shooting

Never play around with a gun. You need to know how to handle the gun properly, and how to shoot it. Go to a shooting range and learn about guns and how to shoot them. Most states ask you to attend classes before you are given a gun permit. It is important that you know how to properly handle the gun so you don’t end up causing an accident or a serious injury to anyone in your life. Always point a gun in a safe direction and never, ever point a gun at another person.


When you are shooting, do not place your fingers on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. This will help you to prevent an accident from occurring when you are practising or hunting. Most guns have a safety device on them that you can use to prevent the trigger from going off.

Proper Condition

Always clean your gun and make sure it is in proper working order. You do not want to have a gun loaded with the wrong ammunition, or have any problems with the gun. Mae sure the gun fires correctly to prevent problems.