When to Get Your Parents Living AssistanceIf you are noticing that your parent is moving a little slower and may have a hard time remembering things, these may be signs that you should move your mother and/or father into an assisted living facility. Caring Senior Service Home Care is also an option if your parents would feel more comfortable staying in their home while receiving assistance with daily tasks. Here are some clear indications that you should contact a health professional who can help you and your parent find the assisted living services that are best for your family.

Change in Eating Habits

If you see that your parent’s eating habits have change, this is likely an indication that he/she is experiencing a reduction in physical strength and endurance. When your parent doesn’t feel like eating, this could also be a sign that his/her immune or digestive system is not functioning well.

Elderly individuals may tell their loved ones they are eating regularly, but when you visit your parents’ home, you may find that there are several uneaten meals in the pantry or refrigerator. Lack of appetite may also be the result of taking certain medications, so you’ll have to make sure your parent is receiving adequate nutrients when on prescription medicines.


Some elderly individuals may resent the fact that they have to take medication daily and won’t take their pills as instructed by a doctor. Vision problems may also cause your parent to take a larger dosage than he/she should, as he/she may not be able to measure the medication properly. If you visit your parents and find that there are much more or significantly less pills in the bottle than there should be, or if your mother or father can’t seem to find the medicine when you come over, a health professional could help to ensure that your mother or father is taking the right dosages of medication at the right times.


When your parent tries to cover up bruises and scratches from falling, it is time to seek assisted living care. Of course, your parent will likely want to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. But as the body ages, a lack of balance and coordination is common. Scrapes and bruises that come from tripping and falling could become more severe in the future, so it’s best to explore assisted living options as soon as you notice any suspicious marks on your parent’s body.

Condition of the House

Finally, one of the main indications that it’s time to find assisted living services for your parents is the condition of you mother and father’s home. If your mother has always kept a neat home and you notice that the home is increasingly dirty and unkempt as her health declines, assisted living is likely the solution. If your father, who lives alone, has always had a neat home but is now too tired to perform household tasks, an assisted living facility will keep him from having to maintain a home.

Remember to introduce the idea of assisted living gently to your parent, as you will likely be met with some resistance. It may also be best to try an in-home care specialist first, so that your mother and father won’t have to move unless it is absolutely necessary. Caring Senior Service Home Care may be a viable option, since your parent will still be able to maintain a sense of independence while receiving basic care that will put you and everyone in the family at ease.