What Size Bed do I need?We all come to a point in our life where choosing a bed becomes a decision we must make. Now the question is; What size bed do I need? Well, I think we can all say that as a grown adult a twin bed would not be typically ideal. Twin mattresses are 39″x75″. They are perfect as a bed for daybeds, if you have a small area to locate your mattress, and for children and teens. They also are used for tumble-beds and handy for hideaway bed locations. Unless the uses mentioned above are what you are looking for, then a bigger size would be recommended. There are also extra-long twin size beds that are 5″ longer. These beds are usually the ones used in college dorm rooms. The extra 5″ can be ideal for taller teens and adults. However, bedding may be difficult to find.

The next size up in mattress size would be a full. Many people get a full and queen sized bed confused, but there are several differences. Full size mattresses measure to 54″x75″, basically they are the same length as a full but wider. They are also known as a “double bed”. For two adults the bed a little too narrow to fit comfortably, but for one adult the bed will fit you comfortably. Sheets tend to be a little cheaper for fulls than they are for queens, and take up less space than a queen.

Queen beds are one of the most common size beds. Comfortably you can fit two adults (unless one tends to hog up more than half the bed width). The measurements are 60″x80″. Bedding is very easy to find for this size because they are the most popular size. Now the thing is, people tend to complain that the size is still not comfortable for two people, when their sleeping-partner hogs up the bed! That is where the next size bed comes into play!

King beds are typically more expensive but are high on demand. Measurements for this large bed are 76″x80″. King mattresses come with two separate box springs so that if you need to relocate the bed it will be easier on you. These beds are the widest standard bed available. Finding bedding is generally easy! Rarely is there a complaint about there not being enough room when using a king bed. The only real cons of this size is that the mattress is difficult to bring up staircases and to maneuver due to the large size. Also when using this bed you would need three standard pillows or two king size pillows.