Switchblades as Defensive Weapons
Special Note: Certain details and the Officer’s name have been changed to protect his identity.

It was raining that night. Officer William Hill stepped out of his patrol car and began walking the alley. He was looking for a burglary suspect who has last been seen running in the area.

When he got about halfway down the alley, he was attacked from behind. Joe Mathis had used a wooden beam he found in the dumpster to strike Hill across the back, breaking the beam. Officer Hill fell and his head hit the ground at an awkward angle, causing a slight concussion. He would later tell investigators he did not know if he lost consciousness, or for how long, but the next thing he remembered he was fighting to keep his gun from Mathis. Protecting yourself

Mathis had reached down and attempted to remove Hill’s handgun from its holster. Officer Hill used his right hand to cover Mathis’s hand and the gun, keeping it in the holster. Hill’s vision narrowed and knew he was about to pass out. If he did, he had no doubt Mathis would get the gun out and kill him with it.

Hill used his left hand to remove a Benchmade knife from his left pocket. He opened the switchblade and was able to stab Mathis. Officer Hill’s action were ruled as justified by both his department and the prosecuting attorney’s office. He was given a medal and later asked to talk about why he used a knife.

Officer Hill never carried a back-up gun. He believed that in a fight, it would mean he would have to defend two guns. This could be especially dangerous if he was attacked by a group of suspects. He ended up choosing a switchblade style knife with a rubber grip. He choose it out of hundreds of knives because it was the best fit for him.

He wanted a rubber grip in case his hands were wet from water or blood. The non-slip rubber would ensure the weapon would stay in his hand. He selected a switchblade style knife because he knew there was a good chance that if he was reaching for it, it would be with his non-dominant hand, and he wanted it to be easy to open.

Officer Hill’s story is a perfect example of why switchblade knives are perfect as self-defense tools. He was authorized to carry a second gun, but chose a switchblade knife from http://www.ebladestore.com/category/automatic-knives.html because he knew it was the perfect self-defense weapon. Even today in an age when many people carry guns for protection, there is no substitute for a good knife.