oha2Social security law was established in 1935 after the consent of the the U.S. President, Franklin. D. Roosevelt. During this time, social security was a retirement initiative that benefited the primary worker. The law on social security was amended in 1939 to enable beneficiaries and dependants make claims nder the program. In 1956, disability benefits were included into the social security program. If you are thinking of hiring a social security benefits attorney from Parmele Law, the following paper will provide information that will help you determine whether you qualify for social security disability benefits.

The Essence of Disability Benefits

Disability refers to a state in which a person is physically or mentally incapacitated. A disabled person cannot retain or find employment. If a person is injured at their workplace they are entitled to disability benefits under the social security program, from their employer or after they win a lawsuit. Paying social security tax makes you legible to receive disability benefits.

The social security office normally pays benefits to individuals who have the medical qualifications to be regarded as disabled and are unable to work for at least one year. When a person who is on disability benefits reaches retirement age, their disability payments are converted into retirement payments.

The Application Procedure

A Parmele law attorney will guide you through the application for disability benefits. During the application process, you are required to provide your medical bills and any documentation that provides evidence of your ailment. These include testaments and diagnostics from psychological or medical professionals. Your lawyer will help you submit
all these documents to the social security office for processing.

Why Social Security Disability Benefit Claims are Rejected

  • Insufficient Working Credits:  The Social Security Act requires a person to have a work history of 1.5 years for them to qualify for benefits.
  • Getting More than You Should: A person who is eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits should have a monthly income that does not exceed $1,090. Persons who receive income from workers compensation schemes or trusts are not eligible for social security disability benefits.
  • Do Not Qualify As Disabled: In order to be considered disabled under the Social Security Act, your disability should be at least one year old or serious to the point that it could lead to your demise.
  • Ability to Earn from a Different Job: If you can earn from a job related to the one you are used to, your application for disability benefits will be denied.
  • Failing to Submit Correct Documents: The Social Security Act demands that a person applying for benefits has to present documents detailing their work history, salary, and medical history among other issues. If you do not submit all the right documents or have false representations, your application will be declined.