home monitorFamilies across the country, from the rural prairies to the most densely populated cities, are interested in protecting their lives and their valuables. One of the most common ways that individuals and families choose to offer additional protection is by retaining the services of a home security company. The vast majority of these services now offer remote monitoring services that can be controlled through mobile electronic devices and smartphones.

Home alarm companies can help homeowners establish preferences and even a cheap alarm monitoring package can ensure that emergency services are dispatched in the event of a fire or break-in. There are many other benefits to choosing a home security monitoring service.

Peace of Mind
Simply knowing that their home is protected whether they are home or away offers a sense of personal security for most homeowners. When elderly parents or an individual with special needs lives alone, their loved ones appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a home security monitoring service. Some upscale home security monitoring services offer phone calls to the home when an unexpected alarm is tripped and if there is no answer the alarm company may call a family member or neighbor to confirm that the home is secure and that there is no medical emergency.

Insurance Discounts
Homeowners insurance policies typically offer substantial discounts for policyholders who choose to invest in a home security system. The overall cost savings will largely depend on the type of service chosen and the various features that accompany a monitored home security service agreement. Coupled with bundles that include auto and home insurance, the total amount of discounts could be quite substantial.

Community Associations
Many local neighborhoods have specifically designated homeowner’s associations that are dedicated to community safety projects. They may set up evening patrols with citizens driving or walking through the various neighborhoods including all the dark nooks and crannies. Having several homes within a community actively monitored by a home security system is an effective deterrent for violent crimes, burglaries, and even home invasions.

The multiple benefits of having an actively monitored home security system are evidenced by the sudden surge in popularity and the growing number of new alarm monitoring service providers that are appearing across the country. The confidence to vacation in peace or leave an ailing loved one at home alone during the workday have drastically increased the quality of life for countless homeowners. Some monitoring services even come fully equipped with cameras that can be remotely monitored so parents can easily check up on their children or pets during the day.