Importance of Regular Dental CheckupsWhile good oral hygiene begins at home with brushing after every meal and flossing at least daily, this good oral hygiene ends at the dentist. The dental office is where he or she can professionally have their oral cavity checked and teeth cleaned at least every six months. Professional teeth cleaning is a simple thing to do and so important to insure good overall health.

People do not have the necessary skills or tools to clean under the gum line. When people do not follow through with good oral care by the dentist, it can trigger other underlying health problems when oral care crosses the line into poor oral hygiene.

Regular dental visits can divert periodontal diseases. Underlying health problems stemming from periodontal disease includes but is not limited to preterm labor, gum infections, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and much more.

Some doctors blame poor oral hygiene and lack of dental care to arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. If the person keeps on top of their oral health and they develop some underlying health condition, rest assured it is not from lack of good oral care and professional dental attention.

The importance of good oral health for adults is setting examples for their children to visit the dentist. This practice, when started early in a child’s life avoids neglect of dental care when the child is an adult.

The person may think that they take meticulous care of their teeth and gums so they do not have to visit the dentist. The dentist, not the patient can avoid periodontal diseases such as, gingivitis and periodontitis by seeing the patient every six months for teeth cleaning.

If a person never visits the dentist there is no way that, the person can get early treatment for detected oral cancer. Early treatment for oral cancer means improved chances of a cure for the person. Screening for oral cancer is necessary at least yearly and when questionable problems arise.

Some people have a geographic tongue. This is generally quite harmless but annoying and needs checking out by the dentist to make sure there are no indications for cancer forming. A geographic tongue presents with benign lesions over the tongue. These lesions may move around, disappear and reappear again. Usually hot foods and spicy foods make the tongue sore and painful. Why some people develop a geographic tongue is unknown. Some believe it is caused by a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Another reason to visit the dentist is due to possible bad breath. Gum disease is one reason for a problem of bad breath forming and stomach problems is another; only the dentist can tell the patient why they are having halitosis. Only the dentist is able to prescribe a treatment plan to cure the problem. If the person is not aware they are having a problem with bad breath, it is likely to interfere with relationships at work, at home and in social setting.