broken_foundationFoundation problems with a home can often lead to expensive repairs based on the extent of any issues that are occurring. There are various signs that can indicate a house is shifting. New home buyers often have an inspection done to determine if there are any issues before purchase papers are signed. When a home has been lived in for any period of time, then additional checks are needed to see there is an issue that should be addressed.

Inside Hints

The floor in a basement or a slab that is not level often indicates a home is shifting. Floors that sag one or more inches can often go unnoticed. Another sign of a foundation problem is when doors may begin to stick or window open and close hard. Cracks can also appear on the walls over doors and windows. The combination of multiple small issues can mean a larger problem exists.

Sinking Slab

A slab that is uneven is typically due to soil that has washed away. If there are depressions or areas that are lower than others, then water may be to blame. Foundation contractors in Houston are able to use a technique to raise and level a sunken foundation. A series of holes are first drilled into the slab. A grout is then used to fill any voids under the slab and raise it to a level position.

Outside Hints

Look along the edges of the foundation to see if there are any bulges or abnormalities. There should be a straight line along each side of the foundation wall. Any side that does not appear to be straight often means that shifting has occurred. The best way to check a wall to see if it is straight is to use a level. A level will show if a wall has any bulging.

Check Crawlspaces

The crawlspaces under a home should be dry and not have any signs of water. If water can be seen in a crawlspace, then water drainage may be a problem. Water that does not drain away from the house may cause soil erosion. This could be one reason why a slab is sinking. Make sure cutters are not full of debris and water is adequately draining away from the house.

Finding Cracks

Cracks that can be seen on the walls of a foundation often indicate pressure due to shifting. Homes will settle over time and cause some cracking on the foundation walls. This is typically normal, but large cracks or stairstep cracks often indicate a serious problem. These are caused by a bulging foundation.

Contact foundation contractors in Houston to determine the extent of any foundation problems that can be present in a home.