Pets are one of the most wonderful things to own. They can be your companions, your confidants, and your comforts. They are little people. When they get sick or hurt we worry about them and want them to get better. When they are healthy and running around it brings joy and a sense of being care free. They also have immensely complicated anatomical systems though. As much as everyone may wish that they could solve all of their problems ourselves, this just isn’t the case. Just as humans need to go to the doctors, animals need to go to veterinarians. If you want them to be happy and healthy, then you should be taking them to the vet more than just when they’re sick. Like annual checkups for humans, pets should be getting annual checkups as well.

A great example of this is a cat named Khaki. Khaki was an outdoors cat who loved to spend as much time as possible outside. He lived in a residential neighborhood, and while it was by no means urban, it had a fair amount of traffic. As such his owners were always a little bit worried about him being outside all the time. Still, the joy that he felt at being outside seemed to be worth a little bit of worry, and he went to the veterinarian twice a year to ensure that everything was okay.

When he was five, one of the trips to the vet turned out to save his life. Everything appeared to be routine when he was being taken in, the only thing that could be considered odd was that he was drinking a lot of water, and didn’t seem to be using the litter box very much. Still, he was an outdoors cat, neither of these could be considered surprising. When they vet was doing all the blood work, they found high concentrations of what turned out to be pesticides. Khaki had been eating grass and plants that had pesticide on them. Had this continued it would have destroyed his internal organs. It was caught in time though, and while Khaki is now an indoor cat he is also 16!

There are many more anecdotal stories like this one, but they can never truly convey how important it is. Nothing really can until something happens to your pet. However, should something happen the odds are that you will never get over the guilt if you did not do everything you could to prevent it. No one wants to live with that type of guilt, do the right thing and find a veterinarian in Columbus today. Your pet can be your greatest friend, treat them like they are as well.